Shared Resources of the Children’s Defense Fund

It takes many resources and sponsors to support the work and advocacy that Children’s Defense Fund provides for children.  One such organization is the Public Welfare Foundation, Inc. (  The mission of the Public Welfare Foundation is to support and advocate for individuals, regardless of age, in need, on civil rights, low-income programs, government benefits,juvenile services for youth and other legal aid for adults. A current initiative of the Public Welfare Foundation is to increase civil aid for low-income and poor families. Many have difficulties keeping their homes, getting adequate healthcare or job benefits, providing for their families and knowing where to turn when legal aid assistance is needed. The advocacy work performed by the Foundation is crucial in that the assistance they provide helps families, which in turn provides some stability in their lives and the lives of their children. As educators, knowing where to find additional services and resources for families in time of crisis helps to solidify a strong presence in the lives of their children who count on us to be not only their teachers and counselors, but part of their support system in life.