Relationships – My family

November 10, 2013
Words of thought “What I know to be true”

Life is not a solo ride you take alone. There are people who come aboard and stay a minute, others who stay a season, and then a few or handful who stay a lifetime. Sometimes the decision is yours in how long they stay, often times it’s out of your control. What counts is what you receive and what you give in return to those who visit your space.

Our son and grandkids
Our son and grandkids
Our daughter and granddaughter
Our daughter and granddaughter
My husband, my rock and my best friend
My husband, my rock and my best friend

Fifteen years I’ve known my husband. We will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary next month. Reflecting on the pictures, it’s hard to believe we’re grandparents to two wonderful little people that our daughter brought into the world. I can recall her saying that having children will never be a part of her atmosphere. Now the conversations are I can’t believe I’m repeating things you and Daddy said and did.

When I began my journey to study the discipline of Early Childhood Studies, we spoke about the relationships that were important to our childhood. On the pages Relationships (My family and My Inner Circle), I talk about the relationships I value as an adult. They still include my parents and brothers, but evolved to include my husband’s family and my girlfriends. The relationship I cultivated with my father laid the groundwork for the relationship I have with my husband. It was my father who taught me how men should treat women. My husband is my best friend. Without his support and encouragement, nothing I do would have been possible. When I grow tired, he props me up and says what would you tell JeLan to do, quit? I simply get up and begin again.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mother. When I met my husband, his daughter Aleah was thirteen. The years of teenagers with raging hormones, trying to find their place in the world is hard, even on the ones with the strongest of support systems. We’ve had some rough patches but I’m proud of the young woman she has become. I’m even prouder to be her stepmother and credit my relationship with my own stepmother for the bond we have. Even though there are miles between us and I don’t see her or my grandbabies often, every phone call she’s asking about how my studies are coming along. As a young parent, she receives guidance not only from us but I share what I learn about early childhood education with her so she stays informed on what to expect and ask for in raising her son and daughter. My son is my heart. Everyday I learn something new through his eyes and his spirit. Watching him become a young man, I’m simply amazed that God chose me to care for him here on Earth. I pray each day that everything my husband and I teach him will guide him into being a compassionate, strong, and intelligent man.

Everyday they give me unconditional love, support, stamina, drive and determination to fight, to live, to learn and to love. Thanks for being my wings.

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