Language and Literacy Development Journey

The subject of my language and literacy development paper is Lavy, a first generation child born in the United States to an Ecuadorian father and Jamaican mother.  Lavy has two older brothers, one who developed language and cognitive disabilities from a car accident at the age of three.  For the first two years of Lavy’s life, she was target, meeting her developmental milestones within the appropriate age guideline in accordance to pediatric recommendations, NAEYC and state guidelines.

  Before her third birthday, through a series of observation, her parents and teachers noticed signs which signaled there was a problem with her hearing.  Lavy was officially diagnosed with more than thirty percent hearing loss in one ear.  With a team of specialists, doctors and teachers in place, Lavy and her parents follow the individualized curriculum set for her to master language and speech skills needed to be school ready and continued academic success beyond her primary education.

As I have no classroom experience I am building my study based on research and conversations I have had with mentors and friends, who are educators.  My concerns are am I on target with the situations that I have created for Lavy; the pitfalls, concerns and developmental milestones she has achieved at the toddler, preschool and elementary school age.   Attached is my introduction of Lavy and the toddler section which introduces her disability.  The toddler section is the most instrumental piece as this is when children begin talking.

My second concern is ensuring that I have developed the proper support in developing her secondary language of Spanish, with both parents and brothers speaking both English and Spanish in the home.  I welcome all comments.Wk6AssignHarwellL IntroductionWk6AssignHarwellL ReferencesWk6AssignHarwellL Toddler stage

4 thoughts on “Language and Literacy Development Journey

  1. I will send you the link to go to my page where you can get your feed back because these comment sections do not allow for attachments. So I will share your blog page to mine and will put attachment on it and then give you the link and you can open it from there.

    Here is the link that is attached to my page that has your feed back. And thank you for the comment. Copy and paste it in your browser and then click on the first two links under that blog to download what says feedback with your name intro/ or toddler section. I also included my two email addresses on your feed back word document so we can talk if need be or read over each other’s paper before submitting the final. We are doing a similar topic.

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