ECE National and Federal Opportunities

Although the assignment required researching positons in early childhood education, I went one step further to research positions that are relevant global education, professional development and curriculum from early childhood to higher education.

My first selection stemmed from working at Department of State as a contractor several years ago. The United States Agency of International Development (USAID), one of many umbrella agencies under Department of State partners with other agencies and governments on such issues as poverty, economics, security and education. Two initiatives that they are currently heavily involved in are improving early reading and let girls learn. Under their general vacancy announcements I discovered two interesting positions. The first is
Women at Work Coordinator for the Bureau of Africa
Educational requirements: not listed
Position details: Working directly at Zambian Ministry of Gender and Child Development duties included managing all activities and aspects related to the Women at Work activities. As it’s a federal position the grade is GS12 with a salary range from $70k to $91K.
The second position Supervisory Education Program Specialist (GS15) Salary range $126K to $156K
Working for the Office of Education, Bureau of Economic Growth, Education and Environment, Education Policy and Planning Division, the incumbent must have the following educational requirements and experience:
• Extensive management and design experience working with international education programs
• Provide expert advice and guidance on a national level on education programs and policies
• Provide expert analysis, evaluation and implementation of agency education programs.
• Manage three teams
• Master’s degree in international education or education policy, administration, educational economics, social or comparative analysis or education comparative studies.
• Must have at least ten years of experience with three directly related to international education. PhD preferred.

My next search led me the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). An industry leader in providing expert and cutting edge innovative solutions and opportunities in professional development for educators to “learn, teach and lead” (ASCD, 2015). There were a few positions open at the headquarters location in Virginia.
Project Coordinator- Constituent Programs
• Incumbent to provide end-to-end planning, coordination and implementation of meetings, awards, conferences and events to include establishing and budget review with Management.
• Mentor other coordinators on program management
• Design and development programs and policies to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of agency programs.
• Incumbent must have a bachelor’s degree, three years of relevant association experience or in the field of education. Experience with project management and web-based collaboration applications.

The final organization I chose is Pearson. Their motto “education that’s personal has the power to change a life” (Pearson, 2015) and “always learning” (Pearson, 2015) I feel encompasses the heart and soul of educators. From pre-k to higher education, Pearson’s involvement is extensive in curriculum, training, publishing, technology and development. Careers at Pearson are abundant. The following position is available in Illinois and Massachusetts for the Content Development Department.
Assoc Content Specialist
• The Illinois position is an entry level position as a Math Content Developer responsible the design, testing and evaluation of math content from assessment to chapter study and review to testing. A BS/BS in math or related field along with experience in education or educational technology is required. No salary information was provided. This position is a two year commitment with full benefits.
• The Massachusetts position is for an Assoc Content Specialist – English and Student Success. Responsibilities include managing online assessment and tutorial content. Work with vendors, freelancers and other departments on the management and creation of custom courses and personnel management. Periodic review and authoring of testing guidelines of content material for effectiveness. Work with teams to develop new products. Must have 1-3 years experience in project management, along with a BS/BA with coursework in philosophy or English preferred. Must be knowledgeable in all Microsoft products.


5 thoughts on “ECE National and Federal Opportunities

  1. Great Post! What do you think would be some disadvantages or advantages when creating a dream team for either of these organizations? It has been in my experience personally and professionally to complete a self evaluation before planning.

    1. The supervisory post with USAID seemed way out of my league. If I were younger and single, the position in Zambia sounds both fulfilling and rewarding. Working to help establish jobs for women that enables them to feed, house and clothe themselves and their families only leads to educational and economic opportunities for generations to come.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post!! It looks like you found a lot of opportunities in various organizations!!! Its great that you looked at opportunities globally this field can really take you a lot of places.good luck

  3. I thought your blog had a lot of great resources that will help our profession in this field of education. I found the Association for Supervisor and Curriculum Development (ASCD) are providing training for teachers to become leaders. The motto is one that believes that we have the power to change children lives.

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