ECE State and Local Organizations – Maryland

In the field of early childhood education, there are a vast number of agencies that can provide numerous resources to include in our community of practices regarding the overall mental, social, and educational growth and development of young children. Below are three that interests me.

Maryland Family Network (MFN), based in Baltimore, Maryland, is an advocate organization that provides resources for families and their children to assist children in learning and succeeding in life. In existence since 2009, MFN was developed through the merger of the Maryland Committee for Children and Friends of the Family.

Today, MFN supports families in locating of childcare services and resources, advocates on the state and national level on educational policies, research and analysis on current trends and issues that face the development of children, and promotes professional training and development for educators and administrators working in early childhood education and development.

MFN has a portal section on volunteer opportunities in which they recommend contacting family or children resource services for available opportunities to local communities or by counties.

There was a job opening, which is below for an EHS Child Care Specialist, that I found interesting for someone such as myself that doesn’t have experience or looking to build additional strengths to their educational experience.

EHS Child Care Specialist Maryland Family Network is seeking an EHS Child Care Specialist to provide technical assistance, training and monitoring to Maryland Family Network’s EHS Delegate programs. Successful candidate must have a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or Infant/Toddler Development. At least five years’ work related experience providing direct services in a child care setting and technical assistance within a community based environment. Experience in EHS/Child Care program model a plus. Travel statewide; car required.

The Prince Georges Child Resource Center is another resource that’s located in my county. Their mission is to “create healthy and nurturing environments for children by supporting their families and educating their caregivers”, (Prince Georges Child Resource Center, 2015). A few of their programs are Advocacy, Child Care Training and Support and Early Childhood Mental Health. Currently they do not have any job openings but they do provide monthly informational meetings where individuals wanting to volunteer their services can receive additional information.

Lastly, because I live within the area known as  Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, I included the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. HHS primary responsibility is to ensure the health and well-being of every citizen living in the United States. HHS is the parent organization for the Administration of Children and Families. Their mission is “to foster health and well-being by providing federal leadership, partnership and resources for the compassionate and effective delivery of human services”, (Administration of Children and Families, 2015). In searching their open job announcements, I found one in which I would need additional experience and training to qualify for. A Social Science Research Analyst is responsible for conducting research and providing analysis and evaluation of family self-sufficiency and workforce development programs. This job requires having a higher education background in one or more behavioral or social science disciplines and four years of experience in that field of discipline.

3 thoughts on “ECE State and Local Organizations – Maryland

  1. Hi Lisa
    Your blog is very interesting, its amazing how much wonderful positions are available for those who seem interested. There are a lot of agencies in your community that are capable to provide valid resources too those who need it. You picked three interesting agencies that I would probably picked myself, MFN sticks out to me, I think they do help many families succeed in their endeavor, something that we seek to aim as early learning professionals . Thank you Lisa, wonderful blog!
    Talisha Ghansiam

  2. Lisa,
    Great Post! It is good to see that there are so many resources available to families. US Department of Health and Human Services and Administration of Children and Families are two great organization. It is my desire that all state come underneath one umbrella for rules, regulations and policies when it comes to the EC field.

    Lateshia B

  3. I thought your blog about creating a web resource section is good for our professional reference. The Association for Supervisor and Curriculum Development work with professional in this field training teacher to become leaders. Working with young children will take team work, resources and funding to create programs that will serve families and children.

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