Institute for Children, Poverty and Homeless

The statistics below are directly from a July 2014 report from the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homeless.  Our children deserve so much better than this.  Information is knowledge.  Knowledge has the power to change lives.

Only six states include homeless families in the definition of those with protective-services needs, enabling them to qualify for care without meeting traditional eligibility requirements.

■■Only nine states include homeless children as a priority population.

■■At least 24 states require families applying for child care to provide birth certificates or other documentation that can be challenging for families experiencing homelessness to locate.

■■All but six states provide child care to at least some parents while they search for work, but only seven states do so while parents look for housing.3

■■Thirty states waive copayment fees for homeless families or families with no countable income.

■■Only 11 states have higher reimbursement rates for providers offering child care during nontraditional hours, such as nights and weekends.

■■Twenty-seven states will provide subsidized care for 12 months before reevaluating a family’s eligibility, offering families continuity of care, and 14 states extend eligibility while children are in Head Start.

■■Overall, only 18 plans mention homeless families or services specific to them. No state listed programs serving homeless children as having been consulted in the drafting of the CCDF plan.


Institute for Children, Poverty and Homeless (2014). Meeting the Child Care Needs of Homeless Families: How Do States Stack Up?  Retrieved from

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