Effective Communication


“Whether collaboration is new or familiar, we must see ourselves as global partners who harness our diversity to travel together toward a shared destination” (Winer & Ray, 1994, p30).  Winer and Ray (1994) talks about the road travelled and how our influences based on language, cultural and society affects our decision making.  In our conversations as educators sometimes our roads are clearly defined and at others we chose which fork in the road to follow.  Teamwork and effective communication is essential to establishing rapport and trust with our students and their families, as well as other colleagues and support personnel.  When we respect, reciprocate and resolve to not only listen to the conversation, but observe non-verbal queues to ascertain the exact message that is being presented we show that we are vested in the conversation.  We should always be mindful of the quote above whether we’re communicating on a personal or professional What I’ve learned is the value of the leadership role in team collaborations.  Leadership should provide cohesiveness, allow for shared power and responsibility among team members, and should be able to resolve conflict issues before they escalate.  Being aware of challenges and shortcomings is just as important as knowing when to regroup if tasks or goals aren’t being met or resources not being fully utilized.

With a solid foundation now set in the core subjects, I move onto the specialization of Administration, Management and Leadership in Early Childhood Studies.  I take these tools with me in the hopes that I can help facilitate change and make positive strides in the educating of educators and support personnel responsible in their daily task of teaching and learning from our youth.  Thank you to Dr. Parrish and all of my colleagues along the way who have shared their experiences and offered invaluable advice.  My goal is to continue this blog after my studies complete as I continue my journey to continue to build my resources and share information.  Best wishes and I’ll be blogging soon!


Beebe, S. A., Beebe, S. J., & Redmond, M. V. (2011). Interpersonal communication: Relating to others (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Winer, M., & Ray, K. (1994). Collaboration handbook: Creating, sustaining, and enjoying the journey. St. Paul, MN: Fieldstone Alliance

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