Competent Communicator

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There are many excellent and competent communicators in my immediate and extended family. For this blog, I chose to speak about my brother Brien. In his professional life as Executive Vice President for the firm he works for and his hobby as an actor during his spare time, he is one of the best communicators I know. In his professional career as a business leader and manager, his firm works with the financial industry to provide evaluations, training and accreditation through various conferences and training events. His ability to read and size up his audience or the environment he’s in allows him to make people feel extremely comfortable around him. He is a firm believer of eye contact when required or exhibiting appropriate cultural behavior to make people feel at ease. He carefully listens to people’s point of view and then before responding with his own answers, relays back what he’s heard to ensure he’s captured the information he has received correctly. His quiet and self-assured attitude always commands attention when he walks into a room. As an actor his skills are required to reel people into a scene and make them feel as if they are a physical part of his performance. Even in situations of distress or conflict, I’ve yet to ever hear him raise his voice in frustration. He always practices the role of listener first, then facilitator or teacher.

As someone whose spent more than twenty years working in telecommunication operations and dealing with a variety of customers, I understand the importance of listening when communicating. What I like to perfect is continuing to make people feel comfortable in relaying information to me and finding effective ways to present and share information effectively.

5 thoughts on “Competent Communicator

  1. Hi Lisa,
    It does sound that your brother is a competent communicator. The two jobs that he has, actor and vice president, are great for someone like him and I am sure they have helped him fine tune his great communication skills. Eye contact is so important for effective communication. I know I have encountered those who never look me in the eye when speaking. This causes the communicator and the person they are trying to communicate with to not connect with one another. I wish that I had the abilities that you shared about your brother. I know that I definitely have to work on my communication skills when it comes to communicating with large groups though I think that I am pretty good when at one-on-one and listening. As you mentioned, working to make others comfortable to communicate with me is a goal as well.

  2. Lisa

    Great post. I especially liked the way your brother responds by revisiting what has been spoken to him. It is good practice to ensure that as a listener you define what you have heard.

  3. Hi Lisa, I like the point that you brought out about “His ability to read and size up his audience;” I think that it is very important to not only listen and for your body language to show that you are listening but that it is also important to pay close attention to the actions and/or attitudes of the speaker as well. If they are bored or if you’ve lost their interest it’s important to stop talking and/or end the conversation. That even goes in relationships. Great post.

  4. For some communicating with one person maybe simpler, but when it is a group communicating may then seem a bit more challenging. In all fairness it can be, due to the fact that each individual should have a certain level of understanding of what was said when they leave the room or group. So having the ability to communicate with an individual and a in a group effectively is important especially in the early childhood field.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post on your brother. I liked the comment that he can size up his audience and see who is listening and taking in what he is saying and who is not just by facial expressions and body language. He sounds like he is a great communicator and role model.

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