What is culture and diversity

This week’s discussion we were asked to provide the definition of culture and diversity by either close friends, colleagues or family and compare it to our own definition.

I asked my mother what does culture mean to you? She defines culture as who we are as a people based on our upbringing, family history and traditions. It’s generations of family values, music and food that is passed down one generation to the next. Diversity in my mother’s words is we are all different but share same goals, beliefs and religion. We are all human beings that have to live in the same shared space. In order to thrive we must look past their skin color to the values of the person.

My colleague Lainie had this to say about culture and diversity:

Diversity can mean many things. In regards to culture and diversity personally I’ve experienced it growing up in school, at home, etc. Culture defines you not only as a person but what and where you come from. I come from a racially diverse background which consists of Spanish, Filipino, and Japanese lineage. Within the Philippines itself along with other countries, there is diversity in itself, with different dialects as long as customs that may be similar or different depending on region. I was born in the United States and my parents ensured we knew where we came from. If we didn’t have any culture or diversity the world would be a boring place.

Despite the generational gap and differences in our culture, our answers were similar. I, like my mother and Lainie, believe that culture represents those things that define your character: the schools you attended, your family beliefs and values, and community you reside in. Diversity allows us to share our beliefs with others who have different values and opinions from ours. Diversity is what has made this country rich in culture and heritage and allows us to continue to thrive as a nation.

One thought on “What is culture and diversity

  1. I found it so interesting that most people shared very similar definitions of what culture and diversity means to them regardless of their age, race or gender. It also occurred to me based on the knowledge of culture, and deep attained this week, that we often don’t consider the deeper characteristics of those terms that have just as much relevance and importance as the surface notions.

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