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This has been an amazing eight weeks.  When I entered this program I never imagined all the facets and components it takes to actually guarantee a child has the best options available in getting an education.  Everything from public policy, healthcare, economics, social, gender and ethnic background can pave a golden road or hinder a child’s chances from birth.  Learning about what we set as standards on a national and regional level as well as looking to other nations educational programs to see how we measure up.  In a recent white paper published by UNESCO they discuss the importance education has in erasing poverty, bringing change to social and health issues, increases self confident and influences developmental changes on a global level.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to personally speak with any international contacts, I have discovered a few organizations that gave voice not only to our own children’s plight but those of other nations.  USAID, Children’s Defense Fund.  The amazing voice of UNESCO and Center for Developing Children at Harvard.  Their mission to inform and advocate for change regarding poverty, homelessness, childcare and mental health gives my spirit hope and raises my awareness in knowing where I can go to help facilitate change and bring resources to my community. As I’m discovering my community extends well beyond the borders of Prince Georges county in Maryland. Acquiring a quality education is the right of every child, regardless of their race, nationality and economic circumstances. The more armed I am with knowledge and resources, the more effective teacher and advocate I’ll be.


UNESCO (2013). Position Paper on Education Post – 2015. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “Sharing Resources

  1. Your post is very well stated! I am sorry that you did not have the opportunity to connect with another professional in the field, but your exploration of different websites and resources has only helped to increase your awareness of the issues that we studied throughout this course! I feel that my connection as well has empowered me to be a true advocate for the rights of children around the world! Thank you for your insights!

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