Global Initiatives

While I was unable to establish any international contacts, I have continued to investigate policies created to lend a voice and support to children on a global level.  In reviewing Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child website, I discovered a link to the Global’s Children’s Initiative and their primary objectives.  Their goals are centered on early childhood development, children in crisis and/or conflict situations and the mental health of a child (, 2014). In the past decade scientists and educational leaders have been working diligently and expeditiously to inform management in international circles the importance of quality early childhood programs. One agency providing their expertise is United States Agency International Development (USAID). In a recent white paper featured on the Center on the Developing Child website regarding global initiatives, USAID supports the benefits that early childhood development (ECD) programs are afforded to children from the ages of zero to five (USAID, 2013). Currently most programs in international countries are geared towards children beyond the age of five. USAID’s position is that by readdressing the needs of educational and early childcare programs from birth, nations have a better chance to improving the health and quality of life of their most vulnerable citizens.


2 thoughts on “Global Initiatives

  1. Are many of the international programs really focused on children above the age of five? That is a surprising statistic. I am impressed that USAID is focusing on children under the age of five and bringing their expertise to a world forum. Maybe other organizations will follow suit.

  2. Great Post
    with your global intiatives its a lot of information that I didn’t know but was very interesting reading about how they focus on the child crisis and conflict. It was interesting knowing that they are focusing on children under the age of five.

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