Part Two on the “Miraculous Works” performed by Children’s Defense Fund


In an early post I spoke about CDF’s position on the increasing gun violence being targeted against our children. Upon further review I elected to review their position on Child Welfare. The welfare of our children extends well beyond our classrooms.  According to the CDF, a child suffers from abuse or neglect every 47 seconds (Children’s Defense Fund, 2013).  Of the more than 650, 000 children being neglected every year the majority spends an average of two years in foster care, with the biggest population being African American children.  It seems to me that more local and national news reports of late report missing children, abused children and harm being done to children from parents suffering from mental illness.

CDF advocacy role is working with state and federal legislators, social work and health officials to ensure children and their families have adequate prevention measures, health resources and facilities, funding and to hold persons and agencies responsible for these services accountable to the children that most need it.

Several bills were introduced to the 111th Congress to improve education, health and welfare of our children.  One of the bills, Safe Babies Act (S. 1554/H.R.3474), targets providing more resources, funding and training to family courts and social workers in reducing the number of babies being abused. For more information on this and others, you can connect to this link



Children’s Defense Fund (2014)

4 thoughts on “Part Two on the “Miraculous Works” performed by Children’s Defense Fund

  1. Hi….Great post about the CDF. I don’t know much about this organization but I will follow the link you provided to read more about it. The data about children suffering from abuse and neglect is heartbreaking. Thanks for the information….Deon

  2. Your post on the CDF is very helpful. I didn’t realize that neglect and abuse was such a common occurrence, but like you I have noticed that there are more stories in the news of children suffering abuse from parents with mental health issues. Quality early childhood experiences that help coach and include families would be helpful in preventing future costs that come with reliance on foster care systems as well as mental health recovery programs. I will definitely be adding the CDF to my resource list.

  3. Great information on CDF. I’m not familiar with it and will be following the link to read more about it. It sad to hear that children are suffering from neglect and abuse.

  4. The statistics that are on these websites are always shocking to me. 1 child every 47 seconds?!?! It’s great to know the nations leading advocates are aware of the situation, doing what they can to influence change, and spreading the word so more of us get involved.

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