Sharing Resources – The Children’s Defense Fund

“Dear Lord Be good to me. The sea is so wide and my boat is so small”
Children’s Defense Fund (2012)

Children’s Defense Fund ( is an advocate for America’s children on issues concerning health, education, welfare, poverty, juvenile justice and provides advocacy and family resources. Current frontline issues include The State of America’s Children 2014, reform changes to school disciplinary practices and policies, budget cuts to school programs and the ever increasing gun violence happening in America’s schools.

As a mother and educator interested in leadership and advocacy for children’s issues, this website is a goldmine of information and resources. One startling fact learned was regarding gun violence against our children. “Since the 113th Congress has intervened over 19,738 children have been shot by guns”, (Children Defense Fund, 2014). Another interesting statement was for every cut we make in education investments we run the risk of increasing a child’s chance of going to prison by 39 percent (Children’s Defense Fund). Cuts to resources and personnel affects more than the quality of a child’s education but their future as well. It takes just one voice, followed by a community of interested individuals, to change our circumstances and provide the best opportunities for our children.

The research library tab features national and state statistics on poverty levels, abused children, health and education facts concerning the state and welfare of our children. Take Action provides informative ways as educators and parents we can voice our concerns by writing to our elected officials and writing editorials and blogs to our local news agencies.

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