Expanding My Resource Base

This term we embark on another journey. Part of our learning curve is extending ourselves by meeting early childhood professionals practicing outside of the United States. Early in the week, I contacted the Ajoke International School in Nigeria from the Global Alliance Website and the UNICEF office in Sao Tome and Principe. I haven’t received a response yet, so I’m extending the boundaries by sending additional emails to Europe and Canada, hoping I’ll be able to establish some contacts by early next week. Below is the email I sent.

Hello. My name is Lisa Harwell. I am a graduate student at Walden University, located in the United States, studying the discipline of Early Childhood Studies. This term I am studying Issues and Trends in Early Childhood. One of our assignments given to us by our program is to introduce ourselves to early childhood education professionals outside of the United States and have a series of weekly conversations regarding what trends and issues are affecting our children by demographics, the type of work you do and any other advice you would provide to a novice entering the field of education as an advocate/teacher. I would be honored if you could assist me in this endeavor.

As I currently am working in the field of telecommunications, I am absorbing information and resources to help me make a smooth transition into the field of education. I hope to utilize my skills in telecommunications to make a difference in curriculum or becoming an advocate at the early childhood level. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards

I was disappointed when I browsed the World Forum Foundation and learned that the World Forum Radio is no longer maintained. I did join the online community and am looking forward to reading different posts from the various working groups on curriculum, children’s rights, special needs and even men working with children. Under the library tab I discovered WoFO TV and World Forum in Action ( http://www.worldforumfoundation.org/). WoFo TV does have some videos but they are a few years old.

I then signed up for new weekly emails from National Institute for Early Education Research, National Black Child Development Institute and Pre(K)Now: A campaign of the PEW Center on the states.

Even though I felt I didn’t get much accomplished this week with no responses, I’m optimistic that next week I’ll make some invaluable connections to broaden my knowledge on the different economic backgrounds, diverse cultures and the challenges they face in providing services and programs related to early childhood development and education.

One thought on “Expanding My Resource Base

  1. Hi Lisa,
    You did a nice job with your e-mail letter. It sounds like you might have a better knowledge of telecommunications because that is your field. I envy that. I look forward to reading your blogs and gaining knowledge from you. I am excited to be able to communicate with Early Childhood Professionals throughout the world and see what is happening in their country. One disadvantage is not knowing if they can understand English and my e-mail. Best of luck to you and I look forward to future communications. Diana

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