Momma’s heart


No amount of preparation can ready you for the birth of your first child. I was one month shy of my 41st birthday when my son was born. I had no complications during my pregnancy and was looking forward to the rite of passage into motherhood: the labor pains, being able to yell at people when they told me to push and the moment when they would place my baby on my chest for the first time. My son, however, had other plans. He was late so my doctor had already scheduled my inducement. For 38 hours my son and I had a stand-off. He didn’t budge and I never dilated. At the 40th hour he came by C-section and I had to wait another 45 minutes to see him as I was dry heaving in the delivery room and had to be stitched up. But the moment my husband laid him on my chest for the first time was worth the wait.
I’m fortunate to live in the United States where women are entitled to healthcare services when pregnant and I was in the comfort of a hospital to deliver in case complications arose. I was carefully monitored and my doctor kept my husband and I informed every step of the way. Once the decision was made to deliver by C-section, I waited less than thirty minutes before my baby was born. I couldn’t imagine living in Indonesia where over 80% of births are delivered at home instead of a hospital (Faizel 2011). Because most births are home deliveries, hemorrhaging and bleeding are the leading causes of deaths during childbirth (Faizel 2011). Another starling factor is that there aren’t enough facilities in the different regions that have adequate pre-natal resources or physicians to assist in childbirth. I couldn’t imagine what next steps would have been considered or how much longer an Indonesian woman would have to wait if she were in my same predicament and what the outcome would have been.

Faizel, Elly Burhaini, (2011). Indonesian women prefer “risky “at home birth: Official. The Jakarta Post (November 14, 2011). Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “Momma’s heart

  1. Those are very interesting facts about births in Indonesia. I could not imagine having a home birth and not having the resources needed. You never know what might happen during the process. I can’t even imagine being in labor for as long as you were. Way to go! I was in labor for 17 hours, pushing 3 hours of those 17 and thought that was a long time. Seeing your child at the end makes it all worth it!

  2. I want to say wow. I thought 17 hours was too long for me. I know that My oldest sister was birth at home because at the time my mother was young and had no monies to pay for a hospital birth and my mom shared that if she would have had my sister at the hospital and could not pay she would had to leave her there until she could come up with the money and did not want to take chances. I thought that was crazy. My mother said her girl friends would pay half and go back and pay the other half and then they could bring their baby home. I thought to my self a lay away plan to deliver.

  3. Thanks for sharing your birthing experience! When I have spoken with friends and families about differences in deliveries in other countries, we all have the same responds as you. It leads me to wonder what women in other countries think about how we deliver babies.

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