”As you consid…

”As you consider whether to move a child into formal academic training, remember that we want our children to do more than just learn how to read and write; we want them to learn in such a way that they become lifelong readers and writers. If we push our children to start learning these skills too far ahead of their own spontaneous interest and their capacity, we may sacrifice the long-range goal of having them enjoy such pursuits.”

Lilian G. Katz (20th century), U.S. early childhood specialist. “Should Preschoolers Learn the Three R’s?” Parents Magazine (October 1990).

3 thoughts on “”As you consid…

  1. I really like this quote. Children do need to be pushed and engaged in the lessons that they are taught. It should be more than going through the motions of learning. Children should be excited and want to come to school and learn something new.
    Thank you for your post!

  2. This is a beautiful quote Lisa, because its tewlling us that there is a limit to which a child can be pushed in our attempts to make them functional members of the society…its good to let a child learn at his/her pave for the learning to be effective.

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